Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I made a collage of some of the looks I sported years before. They're not trendy, but I think they all speak of my style as an individual. (pictures are not really great, though.) ...
Check my style blog called ~CLOSET SNAPSHOTS~

For me, style is like a representation of one's individuality, of his/her personality. My style changes every time depending on my mood or the occasion. I don't like to limit my choices by sticking to just one set of style. But thinking of it now, my style is like a melting pot of different styles. I wear almost everything wearable, except fur (I'm a pro-life advocate) and mediocre heels. My daily outfits are not actually what you call striking and trendy but they always possess this idiosyncratic look of mine, which, as my friends put it, only I can usually pull off. Something that blends but at the same time identifiable. Something silent but edgy. I guess I can call it as that.

I would not say I am the fashionista type because honestly, I am far from being one. I love to think my idiosyncrasies in fashion and style and beauty are still in the experimentation phase having been interested into the these things only on the later part of college (but I think experimentation=playing=FUN). When it comes to choosing what to put in my closet, the piece that I am particularly been obsessing on are outerwears (jackets, blazers, vests, capes, hoodies, etc.). I feel the happiest whenever I find one or a couple of such beautiful and unique items.The white cropped blazer I'm wearing in the collage above used to be one of my favorites. :)) yepa!

I desire to say a lot more things but I choose to stop here for the moment. Since I would be blogging more in the days to come, I will leave other details for next entries!

I am za5m. a 22-year-old law student from the Philippines.
And this is an idiosyncratic memoir of a self-confessed wannabe.
signing off #

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