Monday, July 12, 2010

This blog is called "The Idiosyncratic Memoirs of a Self-Confessed Wannabe".

I have been keeping a diary since high school. I tried several times to make blog/s before, but they all fell into nothingness since I basically ignored them all. It was not due to the busy schedule. It was just that I like writing in my diary more than I love blogging. So, what made me start blogging seriously? I'm not too sure. But maybe the idea that I can do a lot more here than in my diary.

And what makes this blog different than the ones I had before? Firstly, I really took my time in editing the lay-out (although, I know I'm not the most technie and creative person in the world). I tried finding the right fit for my header, the right description, the right font and the right everything. I'm not even sure if they were alright now. But I think it's the most presentable blog I've ever had. I chose black as the background color because it's my favorite. I haven't got any presentable header, hence, my own pictures. Second reason, it's something super personal. LOL.

So, why wannabe?
Wannabe because I wanna be a lot of things. I wanna do gazillions of stuffs. I wanna be in many different places. I wanna cook and eat myriads of dishes from all over the world. Wanna be doing all. But at the same time, I am very much aware that even if I can do anything my heart desires, I can never do everything. That's why for me. I will always be a wannabe.

I just want this blog to be my connection to the rest of the world. And maybe, in the long run, meet people from different nations.


My name is Za5m, a 22-year-old law student from the Philippines.
And this is an idiosyncratic memoir of a self-confessed wannabe.
signing off#

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