Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lakas Atenista held last July 03, 2010 its annual JUST DANCE event. It was the first event I attended since the start of the school year so I totally obliged myself to look for an ensemble befitting this years theme, which was GLAMROCK. I guess my effort was not wasted considering the appreciation I received. Although, I did not bag the night's Glamrock award, I was not bothered or disappointed at all. I just love putting on pieces and showing off some good results. Just that and I'm already blessed. I was more saddened by the fact that I was not able to take a SOLO picture of myself slash my outfit that night. I became so busy catching up with some friends (who left law school for other opportunities, or some classmates who are now assigned to other sections) that it completely left my mind.

Anyhow, the event was a great success and I believe it was a money and a night spent well. Those who attended would absolutely agree with me in this (who wouldn't when booze suddenly became free for all? plus great music and hot dance numbers! and the ENCORE! no one will ever forget the two sexy silhouettes at the end of the program!) LOL. Well, we're not just your typical dorks and nerds who spend hours everyday reading codals and cases. We have lives, too! Or at least some do. chu! ♥

These were pictures taken during the event.
(Special thanks to Mr. Martin Samson, L.A. president for the pictures)

 This is the official poster of the event.

Smokin' hot fire dancing made the temperature rising!

Photostrips! I love. 
With my law school friends Maki, Jen, Bjorn and Clark. 
These were just random shots. 
Jen and I originally planned to have our
photo taken together with Maki.
But anyways, it's all great.

The Tent, Matina Town Square.
This was the view from the back part.
Included in this year's JD  was the night's highlight:
The Battle of the Bands.

 Yey! This is us rockin' a good time.
Jen's a gem that night. oh, she always is.
On the other hand, Marco (with glasses) was actually
studying that night in a coffee shop in front of The Tent!
People kept bugging him until he agreed to just go 
and party with us (in his t-shirt-shorts-slippers outfit)! LOL.

Lakas Atenista residents (+ Jackie of TM, center).
I must say this was the best picture of the night,
well, at least for me! LOL.
It's the only picture wherein I was photographed
completely with my whole outfit!
That's me ~ second from the right on
military cropped jacket and acid-washed jeans. :))

This is me again, za5m. a 22-year old Law Sophomore from the Philippines.
And this is another idiosyncratic memoir of a self-confessed wannabe.
signing off #

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