Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Atty. Angel (read as ANGHEL, filipino style) as we like to call him will be celebrating his birthday this Thursday, October 14, 2010 but our class had an early celebration earlier during our Criminal Procedure class. We had everything figured out. It was a simple surprise for one of the notorious (that's quite a compliment) professors in Law school. We had confetti's, sign boards, balloons, ribbons, party hats and yes, we did not forget his favorite Chocolate Heaven birthday cake (alhtough, he wasn't able to eat that much because he's diabetic).

I think the surprise birthday party embarrassed him. :)) cutie.. and while we ate the "handa" or the food prepared by some of our classmates, he kind of well, continue the class and gave a lecture on APPEAL. He was indeed embarrassed. LOL. Anyways, he said thank you a lot of times and that he didn't expect it. I think he was touched.  naks naman. :))

Pictures below:

(will be posting photos next. gash. my net connection is so slow. and I'm in hurry right now... )