Tuesday, July 27, 2010

yikes. I've been busy (?) these past few days and my life, in all honestly, was very uneventful. except for twitter and facebook and occasional, random reads in the world wide web, I actually do nothing more. Sad, isn't it? I'm young and bright and beautiful (LOL to these), but I'm so boring. Oh, I  did start cross-stitching! I'm quite excited about it. It would've been  my gift for grandma's birthday. Sadly, I have to delay my gift due to the fact that I was not able to finish it on time. haytz. such a pity. I'm still working on it and will be giving it to her as a late birthday gift. In addition to that, I'm drinking tea again after a long period of pause from it. and yes, i've been listening to classical music again. just like college days. I miss both! :))

Anyhoo, I've been browsing facebook's news feed earlier and found this article on yournextshoes, which was all about Megan Fox's chic gladiator sandals. I'm actually loving it! Here's Megan Fox! and that to-die-for sandals, which I want, of course!

Except for Megan hotness (it's a given, yes i know), 
 what totally knocked me off were that pair of eye candy/ies!
Oh, what I would give for these. lol. *figuratively speaking*
Fab isn't she? click here to visit the site: http://b2l.me/acymcn

this is za5m. i'm just an ordinary girl doing what an ordinary girl do:
"drooling over some amazing pair of shoes!"
and this is just another idiosyncratic memoir of a self-confessed wannabe!
signing off#

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