Friday, August 13, 2010

I just finished watching a taiwanese drama starring Vic Zhou of Meteor Garden-fame and newcomer Mark Chow. Basically, the whole series revolved around the two male protagonists and their action-packed journey in solving crimes and saving the world. LOL. Honestly, I was interested in this because I wanted to see the other side of Vic. I am not his fan, nor I like his previous acting stints. But I'd like to believe that I'm a very open-minded person. I don't have anything against Vic that's why I was curious. And well, he didn't disappoint me. I think it's very refreshing to see the other side of Vic. Unlike his former Mr. Cool/Mysterious guy, this time, he shred off that image and went for a more risky character- he became a ruffian cop! I should say, he's quite convincing and I love him here. Mark wasn't bad either. I was taken aback by the fact that this is his first tv drama and very first project. He's quite promising even winning the Best Actor category for this drama during the 44th Golden Bell Award. Not bad-looking either. In fact, I'm quite taken by this eyes. lol. He does look so manly and strong. I'm not drooling, really! ahaha.

Anyhow, I tried making a summary of the drama but I kind of find it difficult. I want to like shorten it but I just can't without leaving some important aspects. There's only one thing I can say. There're a lot of twists and the clues will keep everyone guessing. Although, I very much like the story and all, I think the writers' or the director went overboard with the twists especially regarding the life of the two protagonists. I thought Vic's life here was quite interesting but turned out to be disappointing. Not because I like Vic here more than I like Mark, but I honestly think when the truth behind the truth was revealed, I was bored for the first time since I started watching this drama. I just can't just seem to see anymore the significance of Vic's character. I think it's too much for a character to have such unfortunate state. I really empathize with him. Living a  pitiful life  worse than dogs. A life he doesn't want. Having someone control his life and then throwing him like a toy after using him just like that. Having thought that a former flame was killed but turned out the other way around and finally finding that she's with the enemy. How come his life is so f*cked up?! And here I am, thinking Song Seung Yun's character in East of Eden had the worst state ever. To sum it all, Black and White is a really must-see Taiwanese drama. And I tell you, this one has made it to my list of favorites. I'm quite the Asian drama addict myself. I've seen more than 50 dramas all in all coming from different Asian countries- Filipino telenovelas, Japanese, Taiwanese, Mainland, Korean. This is the first time I'm writing about something, though. I wanted to make a review but it turned out this way. Well, watch it! It's never boring and you'll love both Vic and Mark here. Yes, the uberly-charming Tsan-Tien Chen and yummy hottie Hero Wu. 

Ah, yeah. In addition to that, there are plans for a movie sequel which will start shooting this late 2010. The original casts and crew will be there and I read that it'll be a big budget movie- around 100million. Hmmm.. everything just popping out of my mind. Wait. Yes, there's a short video somewhere before the start of one of the episodes in this drama about the making of Black and White. The producer basically said that this drama was originally made for F4 but didn't push through because many said this kind of drama is really impossible to make at the time. So, it was set aside and several projects were made including "Mars" which starred Vic Zhou and Barbie Xu. But the director's desire to make Black and White a reality was really strong. They started revising the script and especially requested Vic Zhou to play the easy-going ruffian role even though it was so much different from the roles he played before. It was also said that such role was made specifically for Vic. Mark, on the other hand, had to go through several auditions before obtaining his Hero's role. We should thank the producer and director's motivation!
1) This is the first drama ever for Mark. and he won his first acting award! he's quite good, isn't he?
2) Mark's real-life dad is also in this drama- the SDPD's Chief.

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