Saturday, July 17, 2010

Today was our preliminary exam in Labor Standards, considered by many upperclassmen as one that should be attended to with more effort and time than some of the other second year subjects, especially when you are under Father Gus. Yes. Him.

Under him, I took the fastest exam ever, maybe the fastest in my entire lifetime. LOL. Less than 30 minutes, 50 items, 2 points each, TRUE or FALSE. After 10-15 minutes, I already finished reading everything. For the remaining time, I rechecked and reviewed my answers, though that does not necessarily mean it made me confident. I was even more confused! ( _*@* _) Only God knows how I prepared for that exam, or did not, rather. fffffuuuuu♥

Anyhow, these were the things that kept me busy the whole night (instead of reading for the exam):

1. Posted BigBang videos on my tumblr account: ~HARU HARU~
    Been listening to their songs 24/7, although I can't really understand them.

2. Took pictures of some of my clothes, and uploaded them at ~Haru at Poupee~ so I could win additional ribbons. I played all night. 

3. While on the process of taking photos of my closet, I tried some and then took snapshots of myself. :) ♥fuu♥ for pictures, click here: ~CLOSET SNAPSHOTS~

♥ I am za5m. A 22-year old Law Sophomore from the Philippines.
And this is today's idiosyncratic memoir of a self-confessed wannabe.
signing off #

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