Monday, September 6, 2010

So, finally, after a week of non-stop thoughts about the new Nokia C3, I was able to grasp this gorgeous-looking hot pink gadget in my hands yesterday. I was able to raise the funds needed for the purchase. I paid P7, 045 for it. Cash. Less expensive than what I expected. I've been rummaging the content and features of the phone since last night. I also tried facebook-ing and twitter-ing using it and well, it's not as fast as I hoped it would be but I guess, it's a lot more better than the usual nokia phone with internet accessibility. I have yet to visit the ovi store for apps and themes. What I like the most is that, it's really easy to use, plus I love the  conversation/chat format of the messages sent and received. I don't think it can compare to the iPhone, though. iPhone is in a different level. I mean, iPhone is really chic and manageable and convenient and all. Everything is there. But for those, who can't afford the hefty price of an iPhone (3G, especially, or the iPhone 4) or a Blackberry, I guess Nokia C3 is a good alternative. Actually, I was attracted to it (C3) because it's hot pink. ahaha. So, I'm just glad. I usually change phones every 2 years. Well, at least that's the average life span of all of my previous phones (the last one, a samsung, is still alive tho).

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