Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I've been a big Roger Federer fan since I first saw (on tv) him play a finals match against Rafael Nadal during the 2006 French Open, in which Federer lost. He may have lost the game, but the way he played left a really big impact on me. I mean, I was not a tennis fan before that, and I only knew the Williams sisters at the time. I didn't even know he was something great and totally famous in tennis. It was only a little later after that I discovered that he was considered to be one of the greatest player of all time in tennis, and now, I guess, is being considered as the greatest of all time. Just sayin'. 

In a recent concluded match of US Open 2010 Monday night, the 16-time Grand Slam winner hit a more impressive (than the one he did last year) between-the-legs shot during his first-round win over Argentine, Brian Dabul. The shot itself was already amazing, but what made it really remarkable was the fact the it ended a winner! =) Hooray to the Fed Express! ahaha. 

There are a lot of reasons why I adore Federer, really. He's the only male athlete I've ever been obsessed with. He's not that much of looker if you compare him to some of sports hunks (insert beckham, ronaldo, nadal, etc) but hey, his plays are already enough to keep me drooling! =)

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