Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm disappointed. BIG TIME. I thought this would be the THE DAY, but it turned out to be a day I wish never came. I thought I'd be okay now, having slept my frustrations through the night. They say "tomorrow is another day". This is not another. This is the worst day. I feel soo down that I do not want take on anything, at all. I feel like dying would be the easiest way out. It scares me.

People won't understand what I'm feeling right now even if I tell them. They would just look down on me. Laugh and mock. They don't know what disappointment is and how depressing it is because they don't care about the small things the way I do. In fact, I think I even care about the smallest things than I do when something big happen. Maybe because I find happiness on those minute details in a way that I couldn't when I achieve something big. The little things are what make me smile heartily and genuinely. So basically, they are also the source of my greatest frustrations. And the worst part is? People don't understand for the reason that this world does not give a damn to these kind of things. All the world would take notice is the greatness, the glory, the prestige. In this world of materialism, small has no room. Or at least that's what people think until they lose everything.

***(this is just me on my oh so irritating day because people are such a disappointment. i can't believe i trusted them. and i can't believe i'm overreacting.)***

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